This activity is all about what you are wondering about a character. The focus is on the questions rather than the answers. If the answer to a question has already been made clear, you probably don’t need to ask it. You will want to design questions that reveal something about the character that puzzles you, questions that only they might know the answer to. You will want to ask deep questions, difficult questions, questions that might make the character think. You probably don’t want to ask them about their favourite colour but you might want to ask about what their motivation was in a particular scene or what they were feeling or thinking. As you read and analyse the text you can come back to these questions. The answers might be revealed as you continue to read. Some questions might never be answered in an obvious way, you might have to pull together an answer from hints given to you by the author. This is called inferring meaning and your questions might help you do this. Share your questions and why you would like to ask these questions. You can share your response in writing, as dot pointed questions or in video or audio.